Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you are single, taken, engaged, married or “talking” to someone, we can all appreciate a good love quote or clip. I have put together some of my favorite TV show couples and their romance moments. I have even paired it with a Youtube clip to get the full effect! Today is … More Valentine’s Day

Teddy Bear Jacket

So, when the whole fuzzy jacket trend came about, I was not totally convinced. Although it looks warm, I felt like it wasn’t super flattering unless paired with perfect street style or being rail thin. But I wanted to give it a go especially when I found a more tailored version. I felt like the … More Teddy Bear Jacket

Fuzzy Vest

This vest is something that I had wanted for a while! I got it for Christmas and have been happy it has been cold enough to style. Upon its arrival, it has been a little tough to style. With my complexion,  the color of the vest is a bit yellow so matching has been tough. … More Fuzzy Vest