As of Lately…June 2018

Top: Madewell, Jeans: Antropologie, Shoes: Jack Rogers

This post is long overdue because blogging is something I love. It is not something I do for anyone else. It is something for me, which seems complex to understand because I am sharing so much with the world wide web.

I recently had to take a step back from posting too much on social media hoarding pictures and things I wanted to share. Why may you ask? Really that is a loaded question because there is not an exact rhyme or reason. I felt very negative about myself and stressed. I feel like I have not had a day in a long time to think about posting on my blog. There was always a reason to not or excuse. But I plan to change that because 1. I am on summer break 2. I love blogging and it makes me happy.

My goals of the summer are to participate in things I enjoy, say “no” more, and relax. All three are very hard but are so important to the mental health of all humans. As my picture says, you’re important to the future which means we have to stick together to live a positive, healthy lifestyle. I have been doing great with eating healthy and working out but there is something to be said about positive thinking. Positivity can make or break your outlook on life. It is something I am genuinely trying to work on each day. Not letting little things get to me or turn my whole day. I want to be grateful of each day I am allowed to make my own decisions and do things I love.

So in a rambling, round about way, I am saying that I am back to the blog world ready to share positivity and things I love. That is why I created MJG and that is what I will continue to do. Come along as we make this summer the best yet.


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