Winter Motivation

Well, I have been off work for six days now. We were overjoyed to welcome 4-5 inches of snow to our backyards this past week and it hasn’t melted since. I will say at this point I am ready to go back to work and going a little crazy with my spare time. But I am trying to enjoy and get some things done at home that I have put off for a long time. Getting motivated is pretty tough, ya know? Especially when putting things off is so much easier. Like some, I tend to make excuses by maybe downplaying the task. I make the task seem not as important now that I have time to do it, therefore putting it off even more. Anyone else do this? I have been trying to accomplish things quickly and finish tasks. By mid-January it is tough to do. We are not as motivated, our resolutions go out the window, and the hype is gone. I am here to report 3 ways to stay motivated to do something even in the coldest weather.

  1. Prioritize: This is something I did not start until the last year. I always would make a to-do list so long and end just wondering how I would accomplish it all today. Well does it all need to be done today? Instead make the tasks smaller. Today for example, I needed to study and clean my bathroom but I also had a ton of other things to do. Instead, I did those top two things and completed them in full. By prioritizing my list I did accomplish a lot and then feeling motivated I did a couple other things that were an added bonus.
  2. Set a timer: This is something I do with my students and works for me too. I have been studying and wanting to read quite a bit lately. But it is hard to just do it. That sounds ridiculous but it is for me because I would rather do like 500 other things. So, instead I set my timer for however long, study, take a break, and begin again. I am way more efficient and stick with it when I have a time limit.
  3. Routine: Very similar to the timer suggestion but having a routine is super helpful when staying motivated. I am getting married in July so I obviously want to be in shape for the day but that can be very hard to go work out after you work a full day. Having a workout routine has been super helpful to staying committed to my fitness goals. On Monday, Wednesday, and some Saturdays I go to a yoga class. Other days I do either cardio, BBG, or some other strength training routine. Having that schedule helps me know what my day looks like and keeps me on track to get to the gym instead of taking a nap and watching The Office for 5 hours after school.

I know routines and schedules make life very dull but in the winter it is necessary for me. Then in the summer when I am fit and tan I can go with the flow. Right? Haha, we can hope!

How do you stay motivated during the winter season?

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