MJG + Warby Parker

Mae, Skye, Stella

Have you heard of Warby Parker? If not, let me introduce you to the chicest eyeglasses and most stylish sunglasses company around. The frames, colors, and styles are timeless and stunning. I want to share my favorite pairs from Warby Parker’s latest summer collection. My top three favorite pairs are the Mae, Skye, and Stella. Here is why I love each pair:

Mae I absolutely love tortoise. It is so chic and I wear it as a neutral. The shape of the glasses would look great on any face shape and the lens are not too small where you feel self conscious. The Mae sunglasses are perfect for transitioning into fall and winter with the light gray color.

Skye The slightly rounded and square frames are the perfect mixture of both shapes. I usually don’t go for black shades but I think they are subtle enough to not look overdone. I also love the white details on the side.

Stella These “old Hollywood” shades are perfect for a day outside by the pool. The brown frames and lens are the best compliment to any outfit. I love the oversized shape and the texture on the frames.

My absolute favorite is the Mae. What is is yours?


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