My Favorite Yoga Studio

Tank: ILY Couture from The Swanky Shoppe, Leggings: TJ Maxx

Since graduating college a year and half ago I have taken up yoga as my latest hobby and choice exercise. Yoga can look very intimidating or boring from the outside. But there are actually many types of yoga it just takes a little research to see which is best for you. The main forms of yoga I practice are power, yin, and vinyasa flow. Vinyasa flow is my absolute favorite especially hot or heated. I drive to Louisville to Bend and Zen Hot Yoga Studio to practice. Since I have been off this summer I have been going up quite often. Here are some of my favorite things about vinyasa yoga and Bend and Zen:

  1. The Staff My first time going to Bend and Zen last year I was super nervous. I honestly did not think I was good enough or experienced at yoga enough to attend. The staff and instructors were so welcoming and did not even ask your yoga level. In the class the instructor is encouraging and did not make you feel like a beginner.
  2. Class size The classes at Bend and Zen are packed. I attended a 4th of July class and there were probably 50-60 people there. I like this because you blend in and no one notices if you stop to take a break or can’t do an inversion.
  3. The Studioย The studio is so gorgeous and clean! They provide towels, blocks, and water. Also, at the end of your class you get a cold towel that has essential oils on it. (This is one of my favorite parts!)
  4. Class Style For a while where I live we had one amazing yoga instructor at my gym. She just recently moved. I loved her style yoga she taught which is vinyasa flow. Bend and Zen offers this style and it is amazing. It is fast paced, challenging, and a great workout. I have become a lot stronger and lost weight from practicing this style yoga.
  5. The heat Bend and Zen is a hot yoga studio. It is something you have to get used for sure! I really don’t sweat, I just turn bright red when I am hot. But in these classes I am dripping sweat and I love it. The last class I attended the studio reached 75% humidity. Be prepared and hydrate well before the class.

Do you practice yoga?


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