Bingeworthy: Riverdale

Think Gossip Girl meets Pretty Little Liars meets Twilight and you have Riverdale. Oh, and the famous Archie Comics. Riverdale is a town that can’t seem to stay out of the drama or trouble. The show follows several teens that think they are in the Mystery Gang as they work to solve a murder. Riverdale opens with a student, Jason, being found dead in Sweetwater River. This earth shattering event rocks the town as they try to uncover the motive and killer. With this main storyline there are plenty of others such as an in school affair, the gang liking one another, cat fights, singing careers, and the parents getting in on the drama. I would mention very specific storylines but there are too many to count. This easy and dramatic show is the perfect summer binge. The drama takes you on an emotional roller-coaster especially in the last episode.

Stay tuned for season 2 this fall on the CW! (But I may wait till it comes to Netflix)


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