Reel it in

Fun picture showcasing all the fried food at the Chow Wagon

Lately I have been struggling to blog as much as I would like. With everything I do in life I can begin to add pressure on myself to be the best or most perfect at something. I started this blog 4 years ago for me and I want to continue to do it for me. With that said I want to continue to produce new content that shows my life. Everyday life is not always at the perfect restaurant or in the perfect outfit. I wanted to share more of my life, even the small tidbits that maybe are not a perfect photo. They are just photos I took on my phone or camera that I like. The new series, Reel it in, is going to be those pictures that I enjoy that are random and not meant for a full post, they are just simply from my photo reel to reel in the week.

Smiling because I am about to eat fried cookie dough
Finally attended a wedding at Whitehall. I had been dying to see it!
New yoga studio opening in my neighborhood!


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