MJG Reads: Truly Madly Guilty

Find it here

Another one…*DJ Khaled voice* haha. Yes, I am reading another book by Liane Moriarty. I do this a lot, I pick an author and I’ll read all their books. Then one book usually is not as good and I will move on. I recently read Big Little Lies and The Husband’s Secret so I thought I might as well try one more. I actually found this at TJ Maxx on sale so now I check that spot every time for books!

Now on to the book…Truly Madly Guilty follows three couples as they maneuver through their mundane lives. While I am not usually attracted to “life” books as I call them, I decided to give this a go. To my surprise I enjoyed it! I read it over spring break and I breezed through it. The beginning is a bit too detailed for my liking but once the mystery gets going it really is good.

In the story it follows two women that have been best friends since childhood. The women have a toxic relationship where they are friends but actually don’t enjoy each other at all but just continue to be friends for no reason. Strange but I liked reading about it! With those two women and their husbands the reader is introduced to the third couple who is the more spontaneous, wild couple that spices up the story. While all together one evening,Β  a traumatic event happens leaving them in a super awkward situation from thereon. I wouldn’t say it is suspenseful in any way but more just interesting.

The whole time you just want to know what happened at the barbeque. Read it to find out!


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