Butchertown Grocery

bgrocery_mjgWhere: Butchertown Grocery

Address: 1076 E. Washington St. Louisville, KY 40206

Butchertown Grocery has been on my “must try” list for quite some time now. I was so happy when my boyfriend and I finally went a couple of weeks ago. We had to get a reservation a week and half early and it still was for a weird time. So if you are wanting to go I would suggest calling early.

Inside the walls are exposed brick and have large black and white photos. There is a large bar with a big floor to ceiling book shelf then in the middle of the room is a large bookshelf with cookbooks and spices in jars on it. It is really pretty and unique. I loved the moody setting because of the dimmed atmosphere. It made the dinner very romantic and cozy. While the ambience was amazing the food was right there with it. I ordered the chicken sandwich with fries and Reid had a breakfast sandwich. Both were equally amazing and huge! After we did something we never do and ordered dessert. We shared the carrot cake that was drizzled with toffee syrup and nuts. It was totally worth the extra calories.



bgrocery_mjg2Now I will say this was a little pricier than most restaurants but by planning ahead it can be a wonderful special occasion or just a nice treat out one night! If you are in the Butchertown neighborhood in Louisville I would highly suggest it!



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