New Year, Better You

Totally Doable Notebook: Ashley Brooke Designs, Monogrammed Notepad: The Swanky Shoppe

New Year’s has always been a time I enjoyed…plans or no plans. One year my sisters, Jenna, and I all watched the ball drop together and had a wonderful girls night. Now I usually go to the Brown Hotel for a cocktail then dinner with my BF and friends. Whether it is a fancy night out or home watching TV I have always enjoyed it. I love the whole message behind New Year’s and I love the excitement. It never gets old watching all the performances and most of all, the ball drop.

As I have gotten older I have been more realistic about resolutions and making them attainable for a year’s amount of time. Last year my resolutions were 1) Live in the moment, 2) Make healthier choices, and 3) Be bold. I feel like I achieved those in many different ways. By living in the moment I have been able to separate from my phone by enjoying the people around me and their company instead of checking on social media. I started practicing yoga 3-4 times a week and eating better in order to make healthier choices. I have been more bold by actually sharing more about myself with others. I have done this by posting my blog on social media, talking about yoga, and getting to know new people. I also have been bold with making decisions with my career and beginning to look at and apply for graduate schools.

So this year I plan to do the same resolutions because I feel like they are general and attainable. But I do have some goals for 2017 that are specific. Here are my resolutions and goals:


  1. Live in the moment
  2. Make healthier choices
  3. Be bold


  1. Learn more about taking pictures with my new camera.
  2. Read more, watch less.
  3. Take the GRE.
  4. Apply for graduate school.
  5. Travel more. (California, St. Louis, New York City)

I am sure I will think of more goals and resolutions as I go but this is a good start! What are your New Year’s Resolutions?signature



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