Insta Stalking

Instagram has become a huge part of the daily life of bloggers, brands, and people in general. I love the platform because you finally see what you want but are able to explore. The best is when find inspiration and enjoyment from the new people you are following. I have put together a list of 4 of my favorite, new Instagram accounts that I am following.

insta1Carly Hill @carlyahill: The Glitter Guide editor and a blogger herself, she has a colorful Instagram stream, She doesn’t fit the mold of having an IG ascetic which is something I love. Every picture is unique, colorful, and fun!

Ashley Brooke Designs @ashleybrookedesigns: An organized gal with gorgeous handwriting, what more could you want? Ashley is an extremely likeable person with great style tips, lifestyle posts, and products on her website. I also love her snapchat!

Alfred Coffee @alfredcoffee: But first coffee? Ever heard of the phrase? Well Alfred Coffee was the start of the phrase. A west coast brand that has the cutest cups. I love how they dress up a regular, ole coffee and I plan to try itΒ  one day!

Lauren Murphy @lomurph: A Dallas based blogger with great style inspiration. Her style is ever evolving and I love that each picture is bright and colorful.

What are your favorite accounts to follow?


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