MJG Reads: The Husband’s Secret

mjgreads1**This review contains spoilers**

The Husband’s Secret burst into the reading scene as the next great fiction mystery. I had high hopes going into the first pages of this breakthrough novel but I can’t say they were exactly met. The Husband’s Secret is a story that weaves together the lives of multiple narrators all connecting throughout the story but mainly at the end.

As I started reading this book it had a slow start. It was hard to connect with the initial narrator but the plot eventually thickens when she finds a letter. The book revolves around a woman who finds a letter from her husband admitting he murdered someone when he was a teenager…now this is interesting but it took her FOREVER to do anything about it. For most of the book she pouts and mopes about what to do when the logical choice is obviously tell someone! The other narrators are connected to the case; the victim’s mother and a young woman are also main characters in the story. While I enjoyed the story, some parts were slow and did not really flow into the story. For example, the 3rd narrator, the young woman, seemed random and unnecessary for the story to move along.The main reason I did not enjoy this book is because the ending seemed unresolved and I needed more closure. I would have liked a little more justice at the end.

My next read is Eight Hundred Grapes. Have you read it?



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