Designer Spotlight: Henry Dry Goods

HenryDG1Who: Henry Dry Goods

Where: 236 Jefferson Street, Floor 2

Lexington, KY Β 40508

What: Custom made handbags

Happy Friday! MJG is back for another installment of Designer Spotlight. The first post featured R. Riveter located in Southern Pines, NC. This week will once again feature custom bags but with a new zip code.

Henry Dry Goods is a Lexington based brand that specializes in custom, canvas bags. The custom lettering is beautiful with its unique font and coloring. I adore the totes because they ooze with luxe and amazing quality. The bags make you feel like you are two seconds from the beach or strolling around Nantucket.

I had the opportunity to visit their showroom after many times of online browsing. The totes are even better in person. With the amazingly rustic and chic showroom the bags are beautifully showcased in their full glory. I loved being able to see the size, lettering, and colors in person. Along with a great space, the owner is so nice and helpful. She let us look all around and try on any of the bags!




HenryDG6If you are ever in the Lexington area you must check out Henry Dry Goods. But don’t worry if you are not local, they are online too! πŸ˜‰



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