Hot Yoga at Bend and Zen

IMG_9614This past weekend I finally tried REAL hot yoga and it was great! My mom and I drove up to Louisville to Bend and Zen in Westport Village. Upon arriving we were both pretty nervous but wanted to try a new studio. The studio we attend does warm yoga but is unable to get to the temperature of traditional hot yoga.

Bend and Zen was nothing short of amazing. The workers were professional and welcoming to new comers like ourselves. The studio was lined with frosted glass letting the outside light in and has a relaxing and serene fountain in the corner. BZ’s floor is heated which made the room hot without feeling stuffy.

The class moved quickly while the instructor called out poses. She also moved around the room to assist and watch, only showing some poses that were difficult. The heat was extreme but I loved the cool bursts of air throughout the class. My favorite part of the class were the frozen towels given out at the end of class. So cool! Overall, it was a great experience trying a new studio and something new! I will definitely be back!



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