A Tropical Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit: TJ Maxx

After being away for ten days it is a little hard to get back in the swing of non-beach life. But this week I am going full force in trying to get my lesson plans all together for the new school year. I have not really touched much on my professional life before but I plan to share some pics of my classroom and such here soon.

Switching gears…this tropical print jumpsuit was a random find at TJ Maxx back in March. I was hesitant to buy it at that time but I knew I would eventually wear it come warmer weather. The belted waist on the jumpsuit makes it flattering by cinching the torso. I also love that the loud pattern does not make the wearer look big because of the black background. This TJ find is perfect for a beach walk, drinks out, or just a fun day shopping!









TP_MJG2This outfit is the perfect piece for summer especially if you are at the beach. Stay tuned for more summer looks continuing this month!


PS// Please excuse my tan lines! lol

2 thoughts on “A Tropical Jumpsuit

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