Lulu Mat Review + Workouts I’m Loving

mat1In January I started taking some yoga classes and over the last few months I have really fallen in love with it. It is calming, a great workout, and hard. I love that it keeps my mind busy because I am so focused on trying the poses. Like every workout there are multiple types, meaning there are multiple types of yoga. After trying a couple (still trying more) I have come to love vinyasa flow yoga. It is fast paced with up tempo music and you move through the poses faster, rather than holding them for a long period of time.Β  Another great version of yoga to try is hot yoga. I love how it adds to the workout by making you sweat more and it loosens your muscles.

mat2When I started practicing yoga I really did not have any of the proper equipment. I borrowed a mat from my mom for a while until I finally realized I wanted to invest in the right mat. Lululemon has very cute and thick mats which was why I was interested at first but they are very expensive. For months I wondered if I was worth it or not but I gave in and it definitely was worth the investment. The texture does not shed on your hands, it is easy to clean, and it is thick. I wanted a thick mat because a thin mat really hurts my wrists when doing downward dog so many times. I would suggest taking yoga classes for a couple of months just to insure it is worth the investment.

Check out my mat here. Have you tried yoga?



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