5 tips for having a yard sale

5 tips for having a
yardsale graphic via Good Housekeeping
  1. Start early- I recently had a yard sale with my parents. It was supposed to start at 8, so we began setting up at 7:30 am. We had people coming up at 7:30 trying to buy things as we set up. So, make sure to start early especially if it is summer. I would suggest starting at 7:30 and going till 11 or noon.
  2. Don’t Sell Everything- If you have everything out all at once it can be overwhelming. People are looking to find something cool, rare, and unexpected. They do want to have go through piles and piles of stuff. I set out one table of clothes that was more piles and another of really great items laid out individually. Shoppers were more interested in the specialty table rather than the one in piles. Try to have a couple smaller yard sales rather than one huge one that is overwhelming.
  3. Organization is key- I organized the clothes and any other items into groups. Try to have things in sections rather than looking like they have to sift through items. Have clothes all together and organized by type then have toys, outdoor items, and furniture all in other sections on your driveway or yard.
  4. Advertise- Advertise on social media such as Facebook and ask some people to share it so it can reach a bigger audience. The next best advertisements are signs and the newspaper.
  5. Have a variety of items- There were lots of items that I thought no one would buy. I set out jewelry and shoes thinking they were too old or out of style but almost all of it was sold.Β  Most of my “surprise” items sold and barely any of my clothes sold.By having a variety of items people will stay longer looking and buy something.


Summer is a great time for a yard sale because people seem to have more time. Do you have any yard sale tips?



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