50 things to try this Summer

50I’m kicking off the summer season with a list of 50 things to try this summer. I have put some general ones and some are for if you live in Kentucky!

  1. Picnic at the lake or park
  2. Hike with friends
  3. Try a new recipe *I recently started making avocado toast. It’s amazing!*
  4. Try yoga *Waterfront yoga is offered in Louisville every Tuesday for $5*
  5. Practice doing a head stand or handstand
  6. Try a new cocktail recipe *I’m going to try to make sangria this weekend.*
  7. Run a mile more than you thought you could
  8. Go to an outdoor concert
  9. Go to a water park
  10. Water balloon fight
  11. Pool party
  12. Have a beer tasting *Buy a variety pack of beers you have never tried then pour in small cups*
  13. Try a new workout class
  14. Go to a new type of restaurant *Eat Local*
  15. Kickball tournament
  16. Waterfront Wednesday offered in Louisville by the walking bridge *IT’S FREE*
  17. Downs After Dark
  18. Make a book club
  19. Create a blog
  20. Take a painting and wine class *Uptown Art*
  21. Make your own salsa
  22. Go to the Slugger Museum in Louisville
  23. Go Thursday Night Live in Lexington
  24. Take a ride on the Belle of Louisville
  25. Splurge on a fancy brunch
  26. Act fancy at the Speed Art Museum
  27. Be a kid again at the Louisville zoo
  28. Try the best burrito in Louisville at El Mundo
  29. Check out the view at the Belvedere in Louisville
  30. Watch an outdoor movie at Triangle Park in Lexington
  31. Go to a brewing festival such as the Craft Beer Fest in Etown
  32. Try Kentucky’s best hot chicken at Joella’s Hot Chicken in Northern KY and Louisville
  33. Thirsty peddler in Lexington and Louisville
  34. Flea off Market in the NuLu area of Louisville
  35. Try the best marg in Louisville at Galaxie
  36. Walk at the Walking Bridge
  37. Go to a local brewing company *West 6th is my fav*
  38. Check out Maker’s Mark in Bardstown
  39. Do the Bourbon Trail
  40. Take a road trip
  41. Eat at a food truck
  42. Watch 4th of July fireworks
  43. Go camping in your backyard
  44. Ziplining or hiking at Reg River Gorge *It is seriously so fun*
  45. Go rollerblading
  46. Binge watch a new Netflix series
  47. Have a fiesta with homemade tacos and margs
  48. Try a new nail style
  49. Have a photo shoot
  50. Watch the sunrise or sunset

The summer season is the perfect time to get things done and accomplish anything you want. I always make a list of my summer goals and books I want to read. I try to do as much as possible because my school year is always jam-packed. Having a jam-packed summer doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. All these activities are relatively cheap and achievable. Also, they can be done with a significant other or group. Feel free to add more in the comments below.

Happy Summer!


*Please remember you must be 21 to drink and always drink responsibly*


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