Market 301+ A Summer Dress

Dress: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Jack Rogers, Bag: Tory Burch

Last week I finally returned back to my home away from home, Lexington. It felt so good to be back, even for a short amount of time. My sisters, mom, and I dolled up to attend Market 301. Market 301 is a small vendor fair where you can buy from local boutiques, shops, and food vendors. The list of vendors is lengthy but it did not take long to go through all the shops. Market 301 takes place monthly in Lexington at Manchester Music Hall. The space is absolutely gorgeous and makes the whole experience so enjoyable.







Market 301 is the perfect GNO if you have friends that love to shop. My sisters and mom bought jewelry. I bought two prints by the artist C Buxton Art. She is crazy talented! Her art is the perfect way to dress any blank wall.

The next dates are June 17th and July 15th. You can check out more updates about Market 301 on Instagram and the website.

Have a fab weekend!



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