MJG 3rd Anniversary

dateI can’t believe it has been 3 years! This last of year of blogging has been great and I feel I have pushed myself a lot, especially in the last 5 months. I have taken steps to put my blog out there more and grow as a blogger. There is plenty of things I still want to do, try, and accomplish in the blogging world. In honor of MJG turning 3, I have put together my top 3 posts in the last year, top 3 blogging tips I have learned, and my top 3 goals of the new year.

Top 3 Posts:

 Paisley2-6Paisley Again

This outfit and shoot is one of my favorites of the year because the outfit and background went perfectly. I loved being able to talk about how you don’t always need a new outfit to have a relevant blog.

Spring2Floral Fun

This picture was taken in Nashville which was such a fun trip. I love the all purple look with a bright background. Finding better backgrounds is something I have really tried to do in the last year.

IMG_6972Mixing Old and New

I love mixing old clothes with new to make it a whole new look. This skirt goes perfectly with the blue wall.

Top 3 Blogging Tips:

  1. Share your posts on social media. I was always afraid to do this but lately on posts that I feel Facebook friends will like I have been sharing. It spiked my following by a lot. I share on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, WordPress, and Stylegawker.
  2. Comment and like. Gaining followers is hard but by reading, following, and engaging in others blogs then you can gain a following. I try to like and comment on Instagram frequently as well on WordPress blogs.
  3. Try new topics. By writing about new things you can then gain new followers. I have tried to write about new topics like yoga, fitness, local places, and blogging.


To become the ultimate blogionista you have to have goals. I have many things I want to accomplish but right now I am thinking realistically about the goals I know I can achieve.

  1. Buy a better camera. I really need a better camera to take my blog to next level. I know the investment will be worth it.
  2. Be Bold. I need to post more about my blog on social media. I have a lot more lately but I am still trying to take it to the next level.
  3. Make videos. I want to make videos to share beauty, food, and hair content. I really love watching tutorials so I would not mind trying it for myself.


Thank you to all my readers for following along with me over the last three years. Stay tuned for lots of fun things in the next year!


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