Bucket List before Graduation


Graduation is right around the corner for college seniors. While it is a time to celebrate it is also a time to do anything on campus one last time. This is your last time being an undergrad so why not fully participate in your college events. I have put together a bucket list of things to do one last time before you graduate. Take it from someone who knows, when its over, its over.

  1. Eat on campus one last time.Β 
  2. Study at the library for finals.
  3. Pull an all-nighter
  4. Order take out from your favorite place
  5. Go to your college’s finals week events
  6. Take a picture on campus
  7. Go to the local college bar one last time
  8. Go out with all your friends
  9. Enjoy studying for finals
  10. Enjoy every moment

Remember to slow down and do things on campus. You will be able to go out after graduation but you wont be able to walk around campus as an undergrad.



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