What’s Brewing?


Who: Please & Thank You (NuLu Location)

Where: 800 E Market St, Louisville, KY

What to order: Ganache Latte (Espresso, milk, p&ty dark chocolate, marshmallows)

Welcome to another installment of what’s brewing. A close up look at local coffee shops in the surrounding area. This week’s spotlight is on the ever popular, Please & Thank You coffee shop. With its cute location in the trendy NuLu area and famous chocolate chip cookies there is not much to dislike about PTY. I have been twice and cannot wait to return. My usual order is the ganache latte which is a creamy, dark chocolate latte. It is delicious!

PTY just recently opened a second location on Frankfort Avenue which is more commonly known as The Avenue. The new shop looks very cool and modern. I am beyond excited to check it out!


So next time you are in the area you should definitely check out whatโ€™s brewing!



2 thoughts on “What’s Brewing?

  1. Love the new series idea as I am a coffee fan myself. Also, who doesn’t like stumbling upon a new coffee shop as sometimes that is just as fun as the coffee inside.. Now if only you could find some in my area to save me the time

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