Feel Good Friday


Happy Friday and welcome to another installment of Feel Good Friday! This week I am talking about athletic wear.

Dressing cute to the gym is something that is new to me. In the past I never wanted to invest the money or energy into a sports look. But since January I have been going to the gym about 4 times a week, most weeks more. Considering my new found fitness addiction and larger paycheck I decided to finally buy better workout apparel.


These pink capri leggings were an impulse purchase. I honestly was not sure because the color is so bright but this brand is amazing. The leggings are the 90 degrees brand which has a tummy tuck band that really holds in your stomach. Not in a corset type of way but as a slimming band. They are perfect for anyone looking to look slim at the gym or out and about in their active wear.

I am talking about athletic wear for my Feel Good Friday because I feel like it has made a small difference. When you go to the gym and you feel confident you automatically have a better sweat sesh.


I hope everyone has a “good” and healthy holiday weekend!



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