After You

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Last winter I read the book Me Before You by JoJo Moyes. I really liked it but it was very sad. Upon finishing the first book I felt like the story was pretty much finished and did not expect a sequel at all. Flash forward to this winter and a sequel comes out! My dad bought After You for me for Christmas and I immediately started….and I just now finished it. It is safe to say that it is not my favorite book. The sequel felt to long and quite honestly a bit boring. At the end I really had to push through to finish it. I really wanted to like it and be interested in the characters but there was nothing to be interested in! Others may have a different opinion and that is okay but it was just not for me. If you are thinking about starting a new book I would highly recommend the second book, Me Before You.


What are you reading?



2 thoughts on “After You

  1. Thank you for doing a book review! I am reading David Copperfield again..the best work done in first person! So it helps with writing first person on my blog, I hope. I am also reading and doing ‘the magic of tidying up’ imagine a brilliant Japanese woman using ‘up’ like we do in our southern language! Love it! On your blog, do you regularly do book review So? I appreciated your honest assessment.

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