What’s brewing?


Who: Highland Coffee Company

Where: The Highlands, Louisville (behind Urban Outfitters)

What to order: Hazelnut Turtle Coffee

MJG officially has a new series called What’s Brewing, where I will be featuring local coffee shops from around the area (Etown, Louisville, Lexington, etc). This week’s feature is the Highland Coffee Company located in the heart of the Highlands in Louisville. First off this coffee shop has a great exterior… I mean, look at the coffee cup on the sign (pictured above). Does it get much cuter than that? When going inside you will notice it is rather large and there is plenty of space to work. The time I went it was packed with students and young workers. It made the setting feel very city.

My drink of choice was the Hazelnut Turtle Coffee (hot). Oh my goodness! It tasted like a dream. It was mixed with Ghiradelli chocolate and caramel…can’t go wrong. The menu was quite long and included hot and iced drinks. Highland Coffee also had a large selection of pastries.

So next time you are in the area you should definitely check out what’s brewing!


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