Spring Cleaning

via Ikea

My latest Blogging 101 challenge is to write about a prompt given to me but putting my own twist on it. My prompt from The Daily Prompt dealt with cleaning and organization. With March right around the corner it can only mean one thing…spring cleaning. Ever since I graduated college and moved back home, my life has been chaos. I have stuff everywhere and it is driving me crazy. I have started organizing old clothes, decorations, and bedding.Throughout college my room was always clean and I pride myself with how organized I am. In the 8th grade I was voted “most organized”. That is so lame but so true! With that said I have put together my top spring organization tips.

  1. Do a once over Quickly look through all your belongings and pick up items you have not worn or touched in a year and half or more. If you have not worn it and that long then you do not need it! It is easy reminisce and think you may wear it again but you probably will not.
  2. Check the size and condition Checking the size and condition are easy things to check when cleaning. By checking the size you can rationally think if you will be able to fit into that item again either because you have grown out of it or washing it has changed the size. Lastly, check the condition. This is important for donating because you only want to donate things in good condition ;the rest can be trash. Most places will only take items that are in good condition.
  3. Flip your hangers This one is a little annoying and time consuming. By flipping your hangers the opposite way you can then tell what you have worn and what you have not for the next little bit. This will help with another wave donating.


Obviously there are some pieces of clothing that you can not part with while others are good pieces to donate. Although I am no expert these my top three tips for spring cleaning clothes. I will try to come up with more as I do my own spring cleaning. I am really going to try to get rid of a lot of stuff! Also, here is a list of places to donate clothing:

  • Goodwill
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation
  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • Soles 4 Soles (shoes)
  • The Salvation Army
  • Dress for Success
  • Fairy Godmothers Inc. (formal dresses)
  • Change Purse (purses)
  • United Way

Enjoy and happy cleaning!




6 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Hey Madison,
    Just began with the KonMari method via “Spark Joy” and am totally engaged. Simply love your photo and how welcoming the space looks. Enjoy this process and keep us posted.

  2. Great advice! I find myself doing this all the time these days. I feel better every time I have clothes to donate or get rid of as it just makes me overall feel more organized and clutter free. Lately, I have taken it one step farther than clothes and I am cleaning out old boxes of stuff that have been just moved from apartment to apartment and house to house.

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