10 Tips for the Spring Semester

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As college gals and guys make their ways back to campus I have a few tips before starting your semester. Spring semester of college goes by so quick you would not even know. I believe it is because you start the semester in the winter and before you know it is spring. After graduating college I feel like I have learned a thing or two to pass on to current students. So grab a latte as I share 10 tips for the spring semester!

  1. Order your books early: Every year I waited and thought “oh I will order my books when I get back or get them at the bookstore.” Each year I was so mad I did that because there was simply not enough time or worse, my book was out. Take a few moments a couple days before class to research your books and order them online. My favorite sites are Chegg and Barnes and Noble.
  2. Print out your syllabus: Print your materials and read them before class. This prevents you from having to email a question later.
  3. Write it down: I always write down all my assignment dates before the first day of class. Then I can see which days will be busy.
  4. Bring home some stuff: Take a look around your dorm or apartment and think about things you never have used. Taking home items that are not in use will help with moving later. I moved each year so this tip always was helpful.
  5. Dress up: The first day of class is important. Dress cute and show your presence. The first day sets the tone for the whole semester.
  6. Think about seating: This is a tough one because your friends. Friends can be distracting during class so if you have distracting friends I would suggest either not sitting with them or take a seat up front. If you are in the front of the room then most likely your friends will be focused too.
  7. Get ahead: The spring semester goes by so fast!! Get ahead on assignments that are already mapped on the syllabus. By doing this it will allow you to not be overwhelmed at the end of the semester. You can also ask more questions as you work.
  8. Plan ahead for break: Spring break is such a big deal for college students. By starting at the beginning of the semester you can get deals, make better plans, and of course save your money.
  9. Think about study habits: With the fall semester under your belt you now know what works for you and what does not. One semester I only studied at my apartment but I always felt like my assignments took me forever because it was so much easier to take breaks. Knowing that I started to study at the library during the day in between classes and at night. I was so much more focused and less likely to get on my phone.
  10. Habit of saying no: The start of a semester can mean going out and having fun with missed friends. It can also mean getting into a bad habit of not going out when you should being doing your work. Set the tone early in the semester to only go out to the bars on the weekend. This will help your studies, sleep, and health.

Having these simple tips in mind make it so there is no way you can not succeed during the spring semester. If you are big into planning then these tips are perfect for you!

Good luck this semester!



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