Snow Day Movies


In Kentucky we have been hit with a huge snow storm! I have never been one to worry about the weather as long as I am stuck where I want to be. Ha! Being stuck at home can be fun at first but after some time it can be oh so boring. A movie day is one of my favorite snow day traditions! I have compiled a list of movies from Netflix that I have recently watched and really liked.

After the Ball: This movie is your classic teen rom-com! An aspiring fashion designer goes undercover to get some respect from co-workers and the man of her dreams. (P.S Mr. Big is in this movie!)

Something New: A classic torn between lovers movie to keep things interesting! Something New has drama, humor, and love!

One Small Hitch: A super cute, “please get together” movie! A girl and boy reunite to pretend being engaged but realize they kind of like it!

The Wedding Date: I love this movie!!! It is similar to One Small Hitch but obviously better quality and acting. It also plays Michael Bubble throughout the whole movie! Win!

Do you have any snow day traditions?



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