The Cape Sweater


Lately, this Anthro cape sweater has been on major repeat and also sale online here. I am very much a sweater gal in the fact that I am always wearing one and feel like they really complete an outfit. This sweater is an easy piece to dress up or wear while laying on the couch.



In these photos I choose to place a tissue turtleneck from J. Crew and dark wash jeans. The turtleneck helps make the outfit look cozy and tight fitted-ness of the tutleneck helps balance out the sweater. Also, with this outfit I am wearing my new Tory Burch purse which I am so excited about. I have never owned one of her handbags before, only dreamed. Owning this bag makes me feel sophisticated, mature, and of course fabulous. Silly, but true!


This background was a random find in Louisville. I can not wait to go back in other outfits for more photos!

Have a great week!



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