Yoga for Beginners

photo via Unsplash

Today marks the first week of actually doing my new year resolutions. I feel like I have done pretty well! The resolution I have done the best with this week is making healthier choices. This week because of all my empty time I have been working out twice a day. Now I am not saying I did super intense work outs but I do feel like I made some strides and I all ready feel so much better about myself. At night I have been taking yoga classes with my mom. I never realized how hard yoga is so I have made a quick list of some tips for true beginners from a true beginner.

  1. Use two mats- The poses are simple but they put a lot of pressure on your hands and wrists. I felt discomfort that I had never felt before. But for my second class I put down two mats for a little extra cushion and it helped immensely.
  2. Drink lots of water- Before one class I drank a soda (I know…why did I do that?). The class was extremely hard because I felt bloated and just not as loose. On days I had drank a lot water throughout the day I felt more loose and flexible.
  3. Don’t worry- Some moves are really hard and take practice. Do not worry that you can’t get all the moves during the first couple classes. I am still trying to get a lot of the basics. Another aspect to not worry about is the relaxation portion of class. It is very hard for me to relax and turn my brain off. The relaxation part of class will take me a while to get used to.


I am proud of myself for this week. How are your resolutions going so far?


***I am not a trained yoga instructor or fitness trainer. All opinions are my own.***


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