Farmers Market Finds




This weekend, I spent in Louisville with my boyfriend. It was the first time all summer it felt like we did not have any plans. Saturday morning, we went to the farmers market to pick up a few things for dinner that night. Along the way I discovered a few tips to help me and others for their own fm experiences in the future.

  1. Bring your own tote or basket: I did not do this and really wish I had. I ended up carrying it all around which began to be annoying.
  2. Do a lap: Walk all the way around the market before buying anything. A lot of places have the same things so you can compare price and quality.
  3. Come hungry: At the market we went to they had a donut stand and other food trucks! It’s a great way to eat local and try something new.
  4. Enjoy the people: There were tons of people and dogs to watch. We grabbed a table and just watched!
  5. Try a new product: This is something I did not do but will in the future. The market offered meat, herbs, and different cheeses. I hope to next time branch out and try something new!

Do you shop locally at the Farmer’s Market?


Outfit Deets:

Top//Old Navy

Shorts//J. Crew

Jacket//American Eagle

Purse//Kate Spade


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