Hidden Talent

Mint Julep Girl with a mint julep drink
Mint Julep Girl with a mint julep drink


When I saw this month’s linkup topic on The B Bar, I honestly was not going to participate. The topic this month is,  what are your hidden talents? I have two reasons behind my hesitation: 1) Everything that came to mind to answer the question seemed lame and generic, 2) All my answers did not seem big enough. So, after considering those two points I had made me mind up to not link up. As I went to the gym one night it donned on me…blogging is my hidden talent. I started Mint Julep Girl two years ago and I have only told my family, boyfriend, and a couple of friends. Blogging is something that I love and am passionate about but I do not feel confident enough to share it to the world. I have no problem telling random people but I can not seem to link anything to my personal social media accounts. Maybe one day I will get the confidence I need to tell people. But for now I will try my best to make strides in the blogging world by doing what I am doing!

What is your hidden talent?

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18 thoughts on “Hidden Talent

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  2. Haha that’s awesome – your hidden talent is right under your nose. I’m the same way – I don’t advertise my blog to people who know me. I use my social media groups for it 🙂

  3. Blogging is a great talent to have! I’ve crossed the bridge with my blog and posted a link on all of my social media accounts, except Facebook. There’s just too many friends over there that “don’t get it.” I have blog Facebook pages, but unless you know about the blog you won’t know about the pages.

    1. That is exactly how I am! I do not want to just be another blog so I am taking my time putting it all over the internet! I am glad someone else is in the same boat as me!

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