Living Alone

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Living alone is hard, harder than a lot of people may let on and express. At first you’re like this is going to be fabulous…I’m in a big city, alone, I’m such a city girl. Wrong! After day three, it sets in that there is quite a bit of time in a day. Today I thought I was going to be so busy after work with homework but I finished it all. I was left sitting on the couch wondering what I should do other than watch Real Housewives of NYC. I decided to write a post on things you can do if you live alone. I am going to start to do a lot of these too.

  1. Try a new work out class gym’s have student discounts and summer deals. UK’s gym the Johnson Center has a $20 summer fee for students. I am going to start going to nightly classes when it opens again.
  2. Try a new series or re-watch an old favorite try Gilmore Girls, Friends, or The Office.
  3. Read a book It is very easy to sit and watch TV all night. But instead grab a good book and sit on the porch or by the pool with your latest read.
  4. Eat dinner outside
  5. Go to the bookstore This is one of my favorite things to do.
  6. Go visit a friend as a surprise
  7. Organize your place
  8. Go to Target I can spend hours there.
  9. Go to a local event Cities always have things going on. I have found many just getting on tourism websites for Lexington.

How do you fill your alone time?


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