The final stress of the year

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This week at the University of Kentucky it is Finals Week. The libraries, cafes, and study nooks are all occupied with hopeful students trying to finish up before embarking on their summer breaks. I only have one final this semester but that does not mean I have to study any less. From my past semesters I have picked up a few tricks along the way to conquer finals week.

  1. Study Ahead: Teachers will let you know weeks before the final what will be on it. Take advantage of that by outlining what you need to study. Especially if you have multiple finals to study for!
  2. Find a good study place: I do my best studying at the library because I have others around me studying. I am also less distracted by my phone, computer, and tv. Find a quiet place where you get the most done.
  3. Bring the right friends: I prefer to study alone but if you like to have a friend make sure it is the right study partner. Nothing is worse than wasting three or so hours at the library chatting about Instagram with your friends. You can do that over summer break at the pool 😉
  4. Take a break: If you feel yourself not getting much done then take a break. Go to the gym, make dinner, or take a walk to refocus.
  5. Use online tools: Over the years I have found Quizlet and Khan Academy to help me review material in a non-boring way. It is much better than looking at your book.
  6. Don’t stay up late: Cramming is awful! Always make sure you get enough sleep so you can focus the next day and you don’t accidentally miss your exam.
  7. Don’t stress: Stress will get you no where when taking an exam. Make sure to go in confident and relaxed.

Good luck! Stay tuned for my Derby re-cap later this week!



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