Derby Daze


On Saturday, I am attending the Kentucky Derby for the first time and I could not be more excited. It is going to great way to kick off my summer break. The Derby is a big fashion event but for someone who never been before it can be difficult to find the perfect look. Even if you decide to go spur of the moment you still have plenty of time to getย  a dress. If you live in the Lexington and Louisville area you are in luck because there are so many cute boutiques in town that are also having Derby promotions. Below, are a list of all of my favorite boutique to help you get a unique and spur of the moment look.

Lexington Boutiques:

  1. Bluetique Cheap Chic
  2. Aj’s
  3. Adele Lexington
  4. Peppermint Palm (lilly store)
  5. Monkee’s of Lexington
  6. The Lexington Green

Louisville Boutiques:

  1. Pink Door Boutique
  2. Peppermint Palm
  3. Monkee’s of Louisville
  4. Clodhoppers


For my own outfit on Derby Day I am struggling to pick a dress. The picture above are both J.Crew dresses and I can not decide which one. Help me decide by tweeting me @mintjulepgirl and follow along for all my Derby Day updates.



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