Valentine’s Crafts

v day stock photo 4


Valentine’s Day is a great holiday to make homemade gifts that don’t break the bank. I usually always make at least part of the gift that I give a special someone. You can make anything from a card, jewelry, food, and cocktails. These are easy and affordable things to recreate if living in a dorm or college setting residence. I have listed below some of my favorites that I found on pinterest…of course!

Favorites thing bag This is a simple gift to give a boyfriend to show that you care and have been listening. If you started dating someone new this would a sweet first gift.

Scratch off Template This is a little scratch off lottery ticket but instead of money it is with things you love about someone.

SATC cocktails Having a girls night? These fun cocktails will keep you entertained. All the drinks are Sex and the City inspired. The Carrie and Charlotte look the best!

Cinnamon Rolls with hearts So cute! It could be time consuming to make cinnamon rolls from scratch or you may be lazy like myself. But you totally buy some and add sprinkles. I do want to try this recipe though!

Chocolate strawberry kabobs So simple! Stack strawberries, chocolate,and marshmallows on kabob sticks. Easy and cute!

All of these are pretty simple and can be done by any college gal! Hope you all have an eventful weekend!





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