January favs


I have seen on other blogs lists of their favorite beauty items or newest apps. I love seeing what other people use and incorporate into their everyday schedules. I decided to make my own favorites list! My first fav is the movie Notting Hill. It is an older movie but I had not seen it before and it was so good…I love Hugh Grant as the sweet guy (especially in glasses.) My second favorite is Bobbi Brown lipstick. I have never been a lipstick gal but over break I tried some different colors and they really seemed to work. The colors also made my outfit seem more fancy and classy. The third item on my list is my new Sam Edelman booties. For Christmas, my mom got me a pair and I am so happy with them. They make my outfits seem so much more together and really stepping my game up ;). My last item is my Anthro “m” mug. For my birthday my bf got me a couple of coffee mugs for of course drinking coffee and cute blog pics. I’m loving it so far!

What are your favorites this month?




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