Valentine’s planning begins

There are officially 5 Fridays until Valentine’s Day! I am one of those people who really enjoys V-day. Whether it was hanging out with my family or best friend or now with my Bf. But I will be honest, the day is much better if you have someone special to share it with. As you can remember last year I posted some of my favorite quotes, movies, and outfits for the big day. This year I will be posting updated versions of those and more! So whether you are single lady or spending it with someone special, I am going to help you along the way to get prepared and excited! My first post of this wonderful series will be things to do on Valentine’s day!


  1. Mani and a movie: This is something to do with your girlfriends. You could do this Friday evening before Valentine’s or you do this as the main event on Saturday. You really can’t go wrong with a nail and movie day with your friends.
  2. Dinner: Setting up a special dinner can be done with anyone. Dinner is a way to get out and have some plans on Saturday. You can dress up in your newest red/pink ensemble and have a fab time. Take the time to ask someone special or even friends or your mom!
  3. Movie tavern: The movie tavern is a great place to save time and money. You can eat dinner or have drinks and watch a movie at the same time! So if you are a couple on a budget this is a great choice!
  4. Drinks on the town: I am a big fan of “getting drinks”! It feels so adult and like you are apart of the show Sex and the City.
  5. Local music: This is a good option if you really do not want to deal with movie crowds. Lexington and Louisville offer lots of local music shows. Watching a new band or an old fav is a great date if you are seeing someone new!
  6. Netflix night: A Netflix night it always a good idea. This is great to do with your friends or if you and your man want to have a low-key night after a long school/work week.
  7. Date party: Sororities always are having parties and different mixers. So, ask someone new and get a new dress and dance the night away!

It’s good to start figuring out your plans a little early because there is no point moping that you have nothing to do. One of my favorite things to do for Valentine’s day is go to the movies so you can probably guess I will be attending the premiere of 50 Shades. I loved the story so I can not wait to compare every detail of the movie to the book.



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