Feelin’ lonely

Being in college it is easy to assume you will be able to see your friends all the time. But college is vastly different than high school. Instead, of seeing your friends in homeroom or 5th period you now have to plan meetings. With different schedules, classes, and obligations you can begin to feel like you see your friends less and less. I am used to having lots of people around and always having someone to spend time with during the day. When I went to college I realized I had a lot of time to fill and time alone. Throughout the years I have had to find ways to keep myself busy and not feel sad. Here are some simple ways to fill your time!

Things to do
*images via google/pinterest*
  • Read a book. Reading is an easy fix for when you are alone and there is nothing left to watch on TV. I just finished Me Before You. It was so good and maybe too realistic for my likings. It is probably the best book I read all year…check it out!
  • Manicure. Giving yourself a nice manicure can take time and patience. Look up a fun design on pinterst or head to Walgreens for a new color!
  • Cook. I did this very thing tonight! Today, I decided to make chicken tacos in my crock pot. I found a very easy recipe on Pinterest! It was only 3 ingredients.
  • Make something. Free time means trying something new. Try making a new, inspirational canvas for your dorm or apartment or a makeup tray.






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