New year, New things to do

With the cold weather here and staying for a bit, it can be hard to think of interesting and fun things to do. Whether you are planning with the girls or a special someone these ideas can help you stay busy. January is a hard month to plan for because it is difficult to remove yourself from the couch and the latest episode of Greys. This month is about stepping out of your comfort zone and checking out some new things happening in your community or college. Below, I am listing ideas that happen anywhere but I will provide some specific info for my local ladies! Enjoy and bundle up!


  1. Stay in. With it being so cold outside it is so easy to just bail on plans and curl up on the couch. Instead of doing the same ole, same ole at home why not make it an event? Invite your girlfriends over or that special someone. Rent some movies and make your company dinner or have a warm dessert. I recently went to a baby shower where they had a hot chocolate bar. It was an amazing idea and so easy! Some things to include are marshmallows, peppermint bark, sprinkles, and chocolate chips. Also, here a great link of girly, romance movies.
  2. Skiing. This is an easy way to enjoy the cold weather and have fun in it. In the Kentucky area there are two options for skiing, Perfect North and Paleo Peeks. Both are really fun and have college nights. You can go ski at night or snow inter-tube (which I prefer).
  3. See a play. This is a nice alternative to the usual movie date. Both Lexington and Louisville have opera houses. The Lexington venue had Elf and Guys & Dolls this past December. I am definitely going to try to do this month!
  4. Movies. OK, there are tons of new movies out that I am dying to see. This month we have Selma, American Sniper, and The Boy Next Door (that’s my choice). A great choice in the Lexington area is to go to the movie tavern. You can drink or eat while watching the latest flick and your ticket is cheaper with a student id!





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