Charleston Day One

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photo_5 (2)

photo_1 (2)

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photo_1 (2)

This past weekend my bf and I went to Charleston, South Carolina. It was the best trip I have had in a long time. The drive was only 8 hours so it was not bad at all. We arrived around 1pm and laid around the pool. That evening we drove to Mount Pleasant to eat at Reds Ice House. I had an amazing fried fish sandwich and Landshark to drink. It was amazing! After dinner we waited for the sailboat and boarded. We sat on these little seats at the front of the boat. While on the Palmetto Breeze they playedย  Irration and Rebelution…two of the bf’s favorite bands. The boat ride also came with a cocktail that tasted like an Arnold Palmer with vodka…yummy! Overall, the ride was beautiful and very romantic. It was a great way to kick off the trip. I will post more pictures from the trip later this week!




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