Summer wants


Rah Rah Designs
Rah Rah Designs
Bauble Bar
Bauble Bar
Gal Meets Glam
Gal Meets Glam

I start a new job soon…while I am ready to have some sort of routine, I am most excited by my new income. I have not even been paid yet and I am already dreaming how to spend it (not sure that is a good thing). But there are a couple things I have stumbled upon that I would like to purchase. The first item is a monogrammed Bauble Bar necklace. While a gold, name necklace can be seen as tacky, I think its fun and very Carrie. I saw a girl from a blog I follow with a similar one and it looks very cute and fun! I also very badly need a new bathing suit. I have yet to find the perfect one. Above, I have posted some pictures a Rah Rah Designs bikini. They have multiple colors and monogram styles. I believe a lot of my spending will go towards clothes I do need to save the majority of it…hopefully!

Have a good Memorial Day!



PS Links for websites are in the picture captions.

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