Weekend Wrap-up

Cute, personalized earrings
When you fall in love it’s head over heels. You don’t understand others not.
Outfit for my first day of observation
Outfit for my first day of observation
New book
New book

My weekend was surprisingly boring. I have been extremely lucky this school year to always have plans but this weekend I was alone pretty much the whole time. My boyfriend was out of town…not sure I feel about that (haha). Hopefully this weekend will be back on schedule. On Friday, I watched the Cats play (we won) but I did not got to State Street for all the madness. If we make it to the Final Four I will just to say I did when I was in college. On Saturday I did not do much but for dinner my best friend came up for dinner and some shopping. While shopping I saw those darling earrings with a cute caption which is very true about me. The rest of the weekend I did homework and read my new book that my roommate loaned me. It is OK so far but hopefully it heats up some!


Enjoy your week!




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