Pensacola- St. Patty’s Day

cute homemade soap store
cute homemade soap store
cool and kind of freaky wine stoppers
cool and kind of freaky wine stoppers
food trucks
food trucks




Me and my roommate
Me and my roommate

The second day in Pensacola has to have been my favorite. The weather all day was sunny but not that warm which made it the perfect shopping day. We went to downtown Pensacola to bop around. My favorite store was the homemade soap shop. They had lotion, scrub, soap, bubble bath…basically any beauty product. The scrub was my favorite and made my hands feel so good for hours after. After shopping we ate at Carmen’s. It was the best meal I had in a long time. All the food was so unique and presented so beautifully. It helped that we sat street side at a cute table next to a heater. Here is what I ate:

Carmen’s cranberry orange iced tea

Spanish lump crab melt-open face w/ homemade potato salad

Crustless butterscotch cheesecake with caramel and chocolate shavings (gluten free)

Guinness chocolate cake served warm with vanilla ice cream

My meal was amazing! I could rave about it all day and the price was not to shabby either. Me and roommates shared desserts. The cheesecake was phenomenal because of the chocolate layer and Guinness cake was interesting because it had beer in it. Overall, I would highly recommend Carmen’s if you are ever in the Pensacola area.

More beach posts to come and my first day in Pensacola can be found here!









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