New Habits, New Semester


When any new semester starts its easy to think you can slack off because you have plenty of time to catch up. That statement is not true at all especially for the spring semester. Spring semester flies by in my opinion and before you know its Spring Break then summer. I have compiled a list of tips to use for this semester. I probably need to do some of these a little better myself

1. Stay Ahead

It’s easy to leave things to the last minute but better to get ahead so I have plenty of time for better things. I get ahead on homework on all my breaks and Friday afternoons so I have plenty of free time at night to hang out with my roomies or cook something fabulous!

2. Be Organized

Being organized is key to staying ahead and being on top of everything. Whenever I get my syllabi I write down all the assignments in my planner for the whole semester. So I never forget anything and I do not have to keep referring back to my syllabus.

3. Study ahead and get good grades

The first test is always the most difficult because you don’t know what to expect. Its easy to say “I don’t have to study hard because its only the first test.” Wrong! Get a good grade on the first one so it’s a cushion for the rest of the semester. Then later in the semester when things pile up you have something to fall back on.


I have been doing good so far with these three tips. Hopefully I can stick with them throughout the semester.




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