Blogs I Follow

I am always interested to see what blogs people read and follow religiously. So, I have decided to post my favorites. These 3 blogs have to be my top three. I will post my other favorites in other posts to come! You can follow all these ladies on Bloglovin’ along with me by clicking the button at the bottom of this post or on the side of the home page!

College Prepster


College Prepster is the first blog I ever started reading and is what got me into blogging and reading them. Her blog always has interesting posts about NYC, fashion, and life. I have a similar style as her so I am always interested in what her new favorite trends and fashions are for the different seasons. She also collaborates with lots of cool people and attends fun events.

Cupcakes and Cashmere


This is one of the first blogs I started following and is one of my favorites. Emily lives in L.A and posts great photos of décor, style, and food. I always enjoy looking at her fun outfit choices and new food she creates. My favorite series she posts is Links I Love. She always has fun and interesting links that I would never stumble upon on my own.

Design Darling


Design Darling is a blog I just stumbled upon one day and really liked. Mackenzie has great style and a good eye for anything home décor. I always love seeing photos of her apartment décor and new clothes. She also has an online boutique that has really cute items.

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