The College Blues

Being away at school is always an exciting time but as you get in your usual schedule it is easy to get in a rut. When I started college I remember being very homesick and that is very common for many freshman. I have put below the best ways to beat being homesick. These are all different ways I use to avoid getting homesick even now. My top ones are going to the gym and calling my mom. Ultimately these are all good things to do but whatever you do make sure you stay busy!

college blues

1. Go to the gym/2. Take a shower and do your hair/3.Walk and get a coffee/4. Hang out with your roommate/5. Go to an event on campus/ 6. Study/ 7. Call your mom/8. Pinterest/ 9. Give yourself a manicure/ 10.Go to Barnes and Noble


How do you stay busy?



Flower image via Pinterest



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